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Used Vehicle Acquisition Technology

Convert more leads from your dealership website and increase trade appraisal appointments.

TradeValue-Express offers a turn-key Trade Evaluation Solution to help dealers get more customers in their showrooms. Invite customers to visit your dealership for Trade Appraisal Appointments.

A better showroom experience.

Convert more leads from your dealership website and increase trade appraisal appointments.

intice offers a turn-key Incentive Marketing Solution that increases customer traffic to your showroom floor. Incentivize the behavior you want customer to take, convert to a lead & visit your dealership showroom.

  • TradeValue Express Banner -SRP/VDP Installation
  • Express Cash Offer
  • Icon Application ALL Pages on Dealership Website
  • TradeValue Express for Social: Facebook Conversion Tools
  • Incentivize Appraisal Appointments with Custom Visa Reward Card
  • TradeAdvisor Gauge – Online to Offline Sales Process Synergy
  • CRM Lead Integration: ADF-XML
  • Automated Email Marketing System

Video: E.C.O. Report

We get them in.

For over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has been The trusted resource for used car values, helping car owners understand what their used vehicle is worth.

KBB Values are the result of massive amounts of data, including actual sales transactions and auction prices, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for seasonality and market trends. They reflect local conditions in over 100 different geographic regions and are updated weekly to give you the most up-to-date used car pricing information.

To get your Kelley Blue Book Trade-in Value, just tell us about your car, confirm the condition, and in seconds – Trade Value Express will provide a Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value. Plus, we’ll send a comprehensive Trade Value Certificate right to your email.

Optionally, you can request an Express Cash Offer by simply uploading some interior and exterior photos of your vehicle. Our professional used vehicle appraisers will review the information and provide you with an Express Cash Offer in just minutes.

Getting your trade-in value should be fast and easy, and with TradeValue Express it is.

Video: Trade Value Express

Express Cash Offer 1.0

Provide your customer a real offer for their vehicle.
TradeValue Express provides a modern car buying experience for customers. Customers can get their trade value instantly and get and Express Cash Offer in just minutes.  You put the number on the car.

Leverage your best appraisal technology – “your people”!  Your dealership’s Used Vehicle Manager knows best – ECO 1.0 – allows your people to reply with an an Express Cash Offer, right from their email in 10 seconds or less.  Automatically deliver an ECO certificate in just moments.

Key Features include:

  • TradeValue Express Banner
  • Interactive Banner – Instant results banner can be installed on SRP’s, VDP’s or any other page.
  • Modern Web Controls
  • Modern user experience provides 2X Engagement and leads.
  • Schedule Appraisal Appointments
  • Next Vehicle Selection
  • Trade Value Certificate

Video: Modern Dealer Podcast – Trades and Offers

Best Practices

From some of the nation’s best dealers.

Your website, just better.

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your dealership website and offer a Modern Car Shopping Experience? Intice’s Trade Value Express does exactly that.

Provide a fully integrated website experience and convert more leads and get more trade appraisal appointments.

Compare: Carvana, CarMax, Vroom and Express Cash Offer

Just start typing...

TradeValue-Express will automatically match your typing with an instant result to match to a Year, Make, Model & Trim.  A truly frictionless experience.

The entire user experience is themed to match your branding and your website with OEM theme colors. Plus customized explainer videos, including OEM vehicle illustrations.

VIDEO: Site UnSeen Trades? No More.

Is it Excellent?

Your customers can select the condition of their vehicle to receive a personalized Kelley Blue Book® Trade-in Value.  Plus they can choose to price with standard options or they can select their own.

VIDEO: Express Cash Offer

Express Cash Offer 1.0

Optionally, a customer can request a real offer in real time from real people just by uploading 6 images of their vehicle in the Trade Value Express tool or they can take a photo right inside the browser using a mobile device.

Your management team will receive a notification immediately with all the pertinent info and photos via email and within one click – they can send the customer an Express Cash Offer Certificate with your appraisal figures.

Take control of your Trade Appraisal Process. Don’t leave it to an automated computer to put a value on a car. Get your managers involved in the process and get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition.

People Love Video

The Trade Value Express w/Express Cash Offer Video shows the customer exactly what they need to do to request an Express Cash Offer.  Setting expectations and providing an engaging trade evaluation experience.

Instant Book Value

KBB is the #1 valuation brand in the industry, the value certificate is the perfect tool for ACV justification.

Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the best-known names in the auto industry. Today, extends the tradition, with trusted values and a reputation for innovation, including resources to help you research, price and shop for the car you’ve been looking for.

Wouldn't it be nice...

If customers schedule their own appointments and all you had to do was confirm?  Well that is what you can expect with the intice® TradeValue-Express installed on your dealership’s website.  13% of all leads generated will include a self-scheduled appraisal appointment date and time.

Give a reward.

Reward your customers with a fully customized VISA® Reward Card for visiting the dealership and completing a trade appraisal appointment.

Technology Assisted Selling.

Learn from the pros. See Shopper Express in action at one of the most successful dealerships in the country.

Trade Value Certificate

The Trade Value Certificate provides third party credibility for presenting your trade appraisal in the dealership sales process. The trade value is the second most important number in the purchase transaction and is the most personal to the buyer. KBB is the most recognizable trade evaluation brand in the industry. Leverage the Kelley Blue Book Brand to build credibility and transparency when justifying the trade valuation as part of your Express Sales Process.

We recommend that the TradeValue-Express Certificate is incorporated into the internet sales process as well as the internal showroom process to add additional transparency in the purchase experience.

Express Cash Offer Certificate

With Express Cash Offer 1.0 – YOU determine the trade value. A customer can request an Express Cash Offer by uploading 6 images of their vehicle directly into the TradeValue-Express Technology, on mobile or desktop. Immediately following the upload, an email notification will be sent to your Management team.

E.C.O. Manager Notification Email

URGENT: Customer Requesting an Express Cash Offer. Immediately following the upload, an email notification will be sent to your Management team. This email notification includes everything needed to put an accurate appraisal value on a vehicle. One Click Evaluation.

One Click Evalutation

Directly from the E.C.O. Manager Notification Email, an approved manager can complete the E.C.O. Appraisal, click the “Make Express Cash Offer” button within the email, log into the intice dealer portal, enter the appraised value and approve to be sent to the customer. Immediately following, your customer will receive an Express Cash Offer Email with the ECO Certificate – good for 7 Days.

Open Your Express Cash Offer:

Your customer will receive an Express Cash Offer email with the ECO Certificate, good for 7 days. This customized ECO Email is personalized to the consumer, tailored to the dealership including the OEM theme colors. The email closes the loop and provides a seamless Express Cash Offer experience to your dealership website visitors.

Video: Express Cash Offer

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