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Digital Retailing Solution

Shoppers are looking for ways to do as much online as they can in order to mitigate in-person contact.

As a result, dealers are embracing Digital Retailing and seeing that translate into increased consumer activity online.

Online Buying Technology

Looking to offer your customers a Modern Car Shopping Experience? Intice’s Shopper Express does exactly that. Right on your dealership’s digital storefront.

  • Integrated Trade Value Technology
  • Express Cash Offer
  • Trade Payoff Lookup
  • Lease & Loan Payment Calculation
  • Every Lender and Lease Company Data
  • Penny Perfect Taxes & Fees
  • Incentives, Rebates & Special Financing Offers
  • FICO Score Lookup
  • VIN Level F&I Product Integration
  • Credit Application: RouteOne / DealerTrack

VIDEO: #1 Shopper Benefit of Digital Retail

Car buying should be easy.

Say Hello to Shopper Express, the way car buying should be. Our process is designed around the way your customers want to buy. 100% online or 100% in your state of the art showroom, or somewhere in the middle.

“Real” Digital Retailing Solutions

Optimized for the
Mobile First World

Most of your customers are visiting your dealership website from a mobile device. Shopper-Express Digital storefront is built for Mobile-First

You customers can shop when and where they like, on the their device of choice. Fully optimized experience on Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet.

Desking: from ePencil to Digital Retail

Best Practices

From some of the nation’s best dealers.

Integrated Digital Retailing

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your dealership website and offer a Modern Car Shopping Experience? Intice’s Shopper Express does exactly that.

Provide a fully integrated website experience and convert more leads.

VIDEO: Digital Retailing

Integrated Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Values

Allow customers to apply their trade-in value into the deal by using intice® TradeValue-Express powered by Kelley Blue Book® Trade-in Values.

Express Cash Offer - Put the number on the trade yourself - or let us!

With Express Cash Offer you can have your management team put a real number on the trade in real time. We notify with an email notification, you decide what you’ll pay and we’ll let the customer know. Or – let Express Cash Offer 2.0 do the work for you. Powered by Enhanced VIN Matching, Historically Adjusted Evaluation from BlackBook® and AutoCheck – with your personal preference matrix pricing.

Integrated Soft Credit Pull

Your customers can get Qualified, use their FICO® Credit Score to calculate an accurate payment and get their current loan pay-off amount simply and easily – right in Shopper-Express, in just seconds. No DOB or SSN needed and no inquiry on their Credit Bureau.

Lease & Loan Payments from EVERY Lender. Penny Perfect.

Allow your customers to calculate their own deal. With an integration with DealerTrack, we have access to virtually EVERY lender lease and loan program – seamlessly calculating the best deal with every deal parameter taken into consideration. Credit Score, Tier Level, Special Financing or Rebate Offering, Max Advance, Max Down Payment, providing for a transactional payment calculation.

OEM Rebates & Incentives: All Stackablity Rules Applied

Every Incentive, Every Rebate – Every Deal. Fully integrated incentives and rebates included and applied to the deal. Non-Conditional Incentives applied and return the best payment possible. Conditional Rebates, such as College Grad or Military are just a click away. Empower your customers to calculate a real deal payment.

Built in F&I Menu - VIN Level Product Decoding

69% of customers prefer the dealership website to research Extended Warranty & Service Packages – Shopper Express Built in F&I Menu provides full VIN level decoded protection products, product provider sales content and video integration.

Credit Application - Direct Integration to DealerTrack or RouteOne, your choice.

Secure and complete. Allow customer to complete their credit application right in the Shopper-Express Solution. Complete deal and credit application will be directly integrated with your choice of RouteOne or DealerTrack for submitting and decisioning. Plus a cool Digital Signature.

Technology Assisted Selling.

Learn from the pros. See Shopper Express in action at one of the most successful dealerships in the country.

Deal Worksheet

The biggest complaint of the car buying process is that it takes too long. The second is that the work completed online prior the the purchase does not transfer. Shopper Express deal worksheets solve both issues.

All the work your customer does to configure their deal online through the digital retailing software is included on the Shopper Express Deal Worksheet – Payment Options, Full Disclosure, Transparency in the Transaction, Incentives, Selected F&I Products.

The Shopper Express Deal Worksheet streamlines the in person process for both the salesperson and the customer.

Buying and Selling a car should be easy and with Shopper Express, it is.

Upload Documents

All you need to get the deal started. Your customers can truly complete an online transaction. They can send you their Driver’s License, Insurance Card and Registration. Plus any other required documents.

Trade Value Worksheet

Choose between Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Values or an Express Cash Offer based on the Historically Adjusted Value from Black Book – or you can appraise through our Express Cash Offer 1.0 System and put any value you’d like.

Express Cash Offer Certificate

When using Express Cash Offer, you can provide your customers with an Express Cash Offer Appraisal Certificate. Official Certificate customized for your dealership. Elevate the online appraisal process.

Pre-Qualification Certificate

Provide transactional payment options based on your customer’s FICO® Score, without the customer needing to include their Social Security Number or their Date of Birth. A Soft Credit Pull allows Shopper Express to Pre-Qualify the customer and quote real payments based on the real score from the buyer.

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