Frequently Asked Questions?

You got questions, we got answers.

Any benefit to using your emails vs our CRM?

Our Email Marketing System is designed to work “in addition to” and “not instead of” your CRM as well as “safety-net” your internal communication. The templates focus on getting your customers to visit your dealership showroom to receive the Visa. It is proven to increase appointments set and show rates.

Any benefits to doing a manual order vs going to accounting for referral fees or money incentives?

Generally speaking, sending a Custom Visa Card on-demand has many benefits over sending a check.
1.) It is a simplified process
2.) We support full tracking
3.) There are no 1099 forms required
4.) The visa card and envelope are custom branded with your Logo which creates word of mouth advertising
5.) Custom Visa Cards are cool.

Can we change the survey questions?

Yes, the changes can be made by visiting your visa activation portal at “dealership name” or contact us via email or call our support line for any changes.

Do they have to leave a survey when activating?

Yes, the single question survey prior to activating the card is a requirement. This is an automated showroom visit follow up. Once completed, the answer to the survey is emailed to your management team.

multiple Visa Gift cards with a Car on the front, used as an example for Visa Express Test Drive

Can I just give you my credit card information over the phone for recurring charges?

No, you must complete the form so our accounting office has it on file with your permission.

Can we turn off Reviews?

No, however, we offer two options for Reviews,
1.) Use our Review System. This is not part of our Leadmaker Fundamentals Course, but we can provide more info on this, just let us know.
2.) Direct your customer to any URL you like, e.g. Your GoogleMyBusiness Page (which is our default).

Do I have to Login for reports or do you send them out?

You can log in to the intice backend dealer portal where you will find numerous useful reports. If you would prefer, you can contact us via the support line or email. We would be happy to run the requested report and email you the results.

a pile of printed paper with graphs showing you how much your business could grow

Do you have a preferred way to call a customer?

Yes, we have a best practices video on how to follow up with potential purchasers. Please see this video: Making-The-Call Tips: Create a script, keep it conversational, Role-Play, Practice.

Three men making a phone call, showing the steps for creating a good sales script

How big is the geo-fence and can we adjust it?

There is a 1 Mile radius geo-fence around the dealership that can be adjusted. Login in to and go to Admin Console.

a map with two men standing on it, with message bubbles that say "incentive offer" and "no-incentive offer"

How long until intice can be live on my site?

Generally, by the time we do the training we are ready to go live!

How many cars are other dealers selling on your program?

Leads generated by intice on your website will have the same closing ratio as other first party leads. If your dealership’s average closing ratio is 10%, you should have that same closing rate with intice.

Additionally, Leadmaker’s average Lead Conversion rate is 2% of all visits. So, if you get 5,000 site visits per month – you should get 100 leads, and 10% should result in a sale. If you get 20,000 visitors, you should get 400 leads that result in 40 sales

one person handing over keys to another person

How many more leads can I expect to see once intice goes live?

The average dealership website converts 2% of visitors to leads. The average intice dealership website converts 4% of visitors to leads. Effectively resulting in a 100% increase in leads.

alec baldwin holding a tiny box


We at intice say EMBRACE the service customer, when a service customer registers for the offer, they have to speak to a sales manager to validate the visit. This engagement is when a skilled manager can move the customer into the sales process, show them new vehicles and get them excited about upgrading.

That being said, we can exclude the Offer from any service related page, plus our GeoFence Feature prevents any customer at your location from seeing the offer on mobile devices. If a concern remains, we can adjust the offer verbiage to require a test drive.

Customers talking to a service rep about getting a service for their vehicle in front of the service center

I don't want customers to come in, get the card and leave. Is there anything I can do to make the potential shopper more involved?

Yes, there are several ways to do this.
Watch these videos on point of first contact and overcoming objections:
Other Tips:
Thank the customer for visiting.
Offer the customer a Free VIP Vehicle Appraisal
Involve a manager in the redemption process.

a salesman hands keys to a new car to a couple

I want customers to come in and take a Test Drive.

Our Best Practice recommendation is to only require a visit. However, many of our dealerships do this as well. At your request, we can add a test drive requirement to the Visa card offer.

hands on a steering wheel

Prospecting report? Best Practices?

Print out the prospecting report, then hand it to the sales team to call and schedule appointments for a visit. Focus only on the Visa incentive for the visit. The goal is to get them into the dealership and then sell.

A salesman on the phone while looking a cars information up on a computer

What is the service charge per card?

$5.95 – for a fully customized card with Greeting Card w/ custom visa activation portal.

A pamphlet with a visa giftcard in it, and the steps on how to activate the card.

What happens to the money that's left over if a customer doesn't activate their card?

Any remaining balance stays with the Visa Card Provider. However, in our experience, customers get the cards and use them.
We have reviewed the unused funds and they have been consistently under 8% The difference between the remaining average balance outweighs the additional cost of a refundable visa card option.

A pamphlet with a visa giftcard in it, and the steps on how to activate the card.

What is your average showroom visit rate?

Average Lead to Showroom Visit rate is about 40%, of which half of these visits result in a Visa Card.

The inside of a pamphlet with a visa gift card showing instructions on how to claim your visa test drive gift card

Why would I want to redeem a duplicate customer?

Customer Satisfaction, to reward a customer referral or a customer with multiple purchases. If you need to deny a duplicate customer, our The Terms and Conditions clearly state:
“Limit one Visa Reward Card per household, per company, dealership or dealership group.”

multiple Visa Gift cards with a Car on the front, used as an example for Visa Express Test Drive


Please provide your information and an intice team member will reach out asap.