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VISA® Test Drive

Every dealership struggles to convert website visitors to leads, because dealership websites are not designed to convert leads.

intice, on the other hand – guides potential customers through the lead conversion process providing up to a 300% increase in lead conversion on your dealership website.

Additionally, the intice VISA Test Drive technology drives those leads to your dealership showroom, providing you and your team the face to face opportunity to sell a car.

Holiday Themed Visa Cards

A better showroom experience.

Convert more leads from your dealership website and increase test drive appointments.

intice offers a turn-key Incentive Marketing Solution that increases customer traffic to your showroom floor. Incentivize the behavior you want customer to take: convert to a lead & visit your dealership showroom.

  • Test Drive Location Selector: Test Drive2GOHome/Work
  • Automated Email Marketing Solution
  • On-Demand VISA Fulfillment
  • Exit Intent Pop-Over
  • Mobile Optimized, Google Ranking Compliant
  • GeoFence Targeting
  • Manual Card Order
  • 3rd Party Lead Integration
  • CRM Lead integration: ADF-XML
  • Customized VISA Activation Site w/Google Review Capture

Custom Holiday Themed VISA® Cards

We get them in.

intice® provides a modern car buying experience for customers. Customers can save time by scheduling their TEST DRIVE appointment online, including the location (optionally including home or work test drives).

The magic of the VISA® Test Drive offer is the rewarding of the behavior you’d like your customer to take.

One: Convert to a lead online to engage in dialog with your sales staff.

Two: Visit the dealership for a test drive to receive their VISA® Reward Card

Three: When they arrive at the dealership, they are encouraged to visit with a manager and complete an Early Manager Introduction before taking a test drive.

Wouldn’t it be great if every customer completed these three steps?  Like we said – magic.

VIDEO: ENHANCE your Dealership Sales Process

Automated Email Marketing

The intice® Email Marketing System works seamlessly and transparently with your dealership internet follow up process. intice® EMS automatically sends customized and personalized email messages at strategic times during lead conversion and showroom visit processes.

  • Visa Reward Card Lead AutoResponder
  • Reward Card Tracker: Visa Shipment Confirmation
  • One-Click Google Review Request
  • 60 Day Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Best Practices

From some of the nation’s best dealers.

Your website, just better.

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your dealership website and offer a Modern Car Shopping Experience? Intice’s VISA Test Drive Offer System does exactly that.

Provide a fully integrated web site experience and convert more leads and get more customers.


Entrance Notification

The intice® Entrance Notification will present your $25 Visa Test Drive Offer to customers as they enter your dealership website.  They can register immediately by clicking the customizable “Get Offer” button or they can minimize the offer by clicking one of the close icons or by clicking anywhere outside the offer.

The incentive offer message is fully customizable and includes your Customized VISA® Reward Card.

Once minimized it will not “pop-up” for the remainder of the customer’s visit.

The offer system will be minimized to a small icon in the lower left hand corner, ready for lead capture. Once a customer is registered, it magically disappears from the website.

The offer system can be fully blocked by using a geo-fence around the dealership to avoid inadvertently incentivizing a test drive to visitors already in your dealership showroom.

Exit Intent Notification

For visitors that do not convert to a lead during their site visit, the Exit Intent Technology will present the $25 VISA Test Drive offer to your customer one last time before they leave.  The Exit Intent System converts leads from customers that normally you would lose, as it is triggered by a user’s mouse leaving your website and moving to the address bar to go to a different website.

Only shows once per visit – 20% increase on leads converted withe intice® Exit Intent Technology engaged.


Mini & Nano Icon Tabs

While minimized, the intice® Mini-Tabs and Nano-Tabs will allow a site visitor to register for the offer at any point during their visit.  They keep the offer top-of-mind without being in-their-face.  Turning into Nano-Tabs while scrolling down, and popping back to the Mini-Tab while scrolling up, a slight hover displays a text bubble with a custom message.


More First Party, High Quality Leads

Express Test Drive at the Dealership or Express Test Drive To-Go: Convert more leads from your dealership website and increase test drive appointments.

intice® offers a turn-key Incentive Marketing Solution to help dealers get more customers in their showrooms. Invite customers to visit your dealership for Test Drive Appointments.

xVerify – Intelligent Email Verification, A trusted solution for your digital marketing needs.  Prevents bad email address capture.

Showroom 2Go? - Test Drives @home, @work or @dealership

Express Test Drive at the Dealership or Express Test Drive To-Go

intice provides a modern car buying experience for customers. Customers can save time by scheduling their TEST DRIVE appointment online, including the location (optionally including home or work test drives).

Key Features include:

  • Test Drive To-Go (home/work) Configuration
  • Address Capture Technology, a few keystrokes and a couple clicks ensures good data for your CRM

VIDEO: Test Drive To Go

Wouldn't it be nice...

If customers scheduled their own appointments and all you had to do was confirm.  Well, that is what you can expect with the intice® VISA Reward Card System installed on your dealership’s website.  13% of all leads generated will include a self-scheduled appointment date and time.

Integrated Needs Assesment

Your customer can engage in sales process activity during the lead conversion funnel.  This fully customizable Mini-Needs Assessment allows your customer to share valuable information that can be utilized during the test drive appointment to move the customer further down the path to purchase.

Technology Assisted Selling.

Learn from the pros. See Shopper Express in action at one of the most successful dealerships in the country.

VISA® Redemption Certificate

The Ticket to Ride! The intice VISA Reward Card Redemption Certificate is your customer’s ticket to a seamless Express Test Drive at your dealership and qualifies them to receive a VISA Reward Card.

After registering for the VISA Reward Card offer on a dealership website, the customer will receive an email with their Redemption Certificate. They simply bring their certificate to the dealership (either printed or electronically), the dealership redeems the offer and the customer is sent their custom VISA Reward Card. IT’S THAT EASY!

Our Best Practice recommendation is to “Redeem First” then take a test drive.  This creates an Express Sales Process for your salespeople and the customer.

Greeting – Manage Introduction – Needs Assessment – Test Drive – the VISA Offer creates an expectation for the start of the perfect customer experience.

Custom VISA® Reward Card

Not Your Ordinary Reward Card: It all starts with a very special incentive, a fully customizable VISA REWARD CARD.

12 Full Months of Activation
Customers have 12 Months to use their reward card.

On-Demand Processing
Custom VISA Cards Created on Demand and Shipped within 24-48 hrs.

No Monthly Fees to Customer
Most “Gift Card” style cards have a monthly fee that get deducted from loaded value. Not the intice VISA.

Delivered in a Custom Thank You Card
Shipped First Class USPS in a Greeting Card Style Carrier.

No-Cost Re-Issue
If a customer does not receive their card, no matter the reason – we’ll send a replacement – no cost to the dealer or the customer.

Learn More – VIDEO

A Visa Giftcard with a Car on the front, used as an example for Visa Express Test Drive

Greeting Card Carrier

Your Premium Dealership Visa Reward Card is delivered inside a matching Greeting Card Style Carrier, customized with your dealership logo and color theme. Includes a thank you note, activation instructions and card tips.

Your Dealership’s Premium Visa Reward Card is processed and shipped within 48 Business Hours. Shipped First Class USPS and received in 1 to 3 Days in most cases.

Learn More – VIDEO

VISA® Activation Portal

One Question Visit Survey – Identify the result of the dealership visit including reason for No-Sale. Results automatically emailed to dealership management team for post-visit follow up.

After a customer activates their Visa Reward Card a request is presented to complete a Dealership Visit Review. This review can be completed in the intice proprietary review application or through any 3rd Party source including Google Reviews; DealerRater etc.

VIDEO: Visa Card Activation +Google Review Capture

3rd Party Lead Integration
& Manual Card Order

Get more deals out of your leads by getting them into your showroom. Incentivize your customers for visiting your showroom with a Visa Reward Card.

We supply your dealership with a special Lead Email Address, send your ADF-XML leads to the VISA® Test Drive Offer Platform and your leads will automatically receive an email with your Visa Incentive Offer, they will also be entered into the intice® Email Marketing System for automated follow up.

VIDEO: 3rd Party Lead Integration

Use your Premium Custom Visa for any reason and anybody.
You can send a Customized Dealership Visa Reward Card to anybody for any reason and for any amount. Here are some great examples how you can use your Visa Reward Card.

  • Bird-Dog Referrals
  • Direct Mail Incentives
  • Employee Bonuses
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Contests and other incentives

VIDEO: Manual Card Order

A Visa Giftcard with a Car on the front, used as an example for Visa Express Test Drive
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