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Express Cash Offer

Provide your customers the experience they are looking for: to receive a Real Offer from your dealership in Real Time.

Starting with a Plate/Tag Number or a VIN – your customer can get a real offer in seconds.  Based on an historically adjusted evaluation powered by Black Book Data w/enhanced VIN matching – and most importantly: a custom matrix based on your dealership’s inventory stocking preferences.

Enhanced Online Experience

Historically Adjusted Value – based on AutoCheck History – title issues, multiple owners, airbag deployment, accidents, etc. Plus EVM – Enhanced Vehicle Matching which matches VIN to trim level and adds/deducts.

Currently the customer can select a condition between 1-4 stars. From that, we can associate a base value either rough, average or clean and then a multiplier, for example:

  • 4 Stars: Basically Like New – Base Value: Clean x 100%
  • 3 Stars: Pretty Awesome – Base Value: Average x 102%
  • 2 Stars: Just Okay – Base Value: Average x 98%
  • 1 Stars: Pretty Rough – Base Value: Rough x 90%

The Express Cash Offer Custom Matrix will identify a vehicle first by looking to match to a Year, Make and Model. Without finding a match, it will then will move to Year and Make. Without a match there it will move to the Year Only rule. If there is no match to the custom matrix, the default rules will be utilized to modify the offer. This provides you with the ability to align the Express Cash Offer Values to the mix of inventory you need most.

Used Vehicle Acquisition Technology

We get them in.

Selling your car should be fast and easy!  Say hello to Express Cash Offer.

We’ve designed a whole new way to sell your car.  No matter the Make, Model or Miles

We want to buy your car.

Here’s how it works: 

Just enter your VIN or your Plate Number – answer a few questions and we’ll instantly analyze your vehicle against massive amounts of data.  Including vehicle history reports, auction transactions, national sales and trends and then use this analysis to provide you with a personalized purchase offer in just seconds. 

Optionally you can upload some interior and exterior photos of your vehicle, along with a photo of your VIN and one of the odometer. After a quick on-site inspection of your vehicle, we’ll hand you a check on the spot. We’ll even take care of paying off your loan if you have one.  Selling your car should be fast and easy.  And with Express Cash Offer – it is.

Express Cash Offer Training: Best Practices Video

Express Cash Offer 2.0

Automate your online Trade Offer System: Sell/Trade – Provide an Express Cash Offer instantly.

Provide a Real Offer in Real Time – Instantly, right on your dealership website or choose an intice® Companion website and provide a “Carvana” -like experience that customers are looking for today.

Once your customer receives their Express Cash Offer Value, they will be provided an Express Cash Offer Certificate shown in a PDF in their browser and it will be instantly emailed to their email address, verified by X-Verify – Intelligent Email Verification.

An ADF-XML Lead will be delivered right to your Dealership’s CRM + You can opt in for HTML Email Notification to go directly to your Management Team.

VIDEO: Product Update

Best Practices

From some of the nation’s best dealers.

Your Website, just better.

Express-CashOffer provides your dealership with a competitive advantage over your competition. The used vehicle acquisition game has changed. Every dealership is facing new challenges in the second decade of the 21st century. Competitors such as Carvana, Vroom, Shift and many others are spending Millions of Dollars in advertising looking to TAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS – and they are succeeding. Looking to bypass the traditional used vehicle acquisition strategies – they are going directly the the best source there is: New Vehicle Dealer Trade-ins.

VIDEO: Used Vehicle Acquisition

VIN or Plate

Starting with either a Plate Number or a VIN – utilizing artificial intelligence, our data science solution analyzes millions of VINs and description combinations daily to match 17-digit VINs to a single trim.

VIDEO: BDC Processes for Express Cash Offer

Lead Conversion

83% of car purchasers spent up to three months doing research and are ready to buy when they arrive at your door. You can’t win on the showroom floor if you don’t first win online.

65% discover their purchasing dealership online

74% of purchasers do not submit an online lead action (up from 68% in 2015)

*Google’s Dealer Guidebook 2.5, February 2021

VIDEO: Sight UNSEEN Appraisals:

4 Star Review

Auto buyers are driving the change toward a customer-led, frictionless experience.

Frictionless means to get the maximum output with the least amount of input.

The star rating from intice® Express Cash Offer allows your customer to rate their vehicle with one simple selection of a condition rating vs. answering 15 or more questions about the condition of their vehicle. This shortens the engagement process and provides a seamless end-to-end evaluation experience.

Nontraditional Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategies

Modern User Experience

People love their cars, so much so, a new study has found that 42% of people have named their vehicles. These are the customers that want to show off their cars and want you to know how awesome their cars are compared to another identically equipped. Optionally, your customer can upload images of their prized possession for consideration in the evaluation process, further engaging online shopping behavior.

Everything You Need.

People Love Video – just look at the meteoric growth of YouTube and TikTok, not to mention video views on Facebook and Instagram.

Provide your website visitors with our customized video content to entertain and educate consumers while completing the online evaluation process.

Customized with OEM theme colors and proprietary custom illustrations for all manufacturers.

Instant Gratification

Provide an Express Cash Offer in Real Time based on a Historically Adjusted Valuation.

Today, vehicle appraisers must view a vehicle history report and manually adjust the valuation depending on the vehicle’s historical events. This manual adjustment is unscientific and often leads to reduced profit and increases in risk and losses.
To offer more precise VIN specific valuations we have teamed up with Black Book which have acquired vehicle history data.

Historically Adjusted Valuations gives your customers a competitive advantage by offering a precise VIN-specific value; reducing risk and enabling faster decisions.

Increase Appointments

As part of the evaluation process, the customer learns that they must complete a quick onsite inspection to claim their Express Cash Offer and sell their Car. Intice® ECO provides a clean, modern UI for your customers to select an appointment Day and Time for their onsite inspections.

This appointment information will be included in the ADF-XML lead to your dealership’s CRM – plus, it will be included on the ECO Certificate and email notification.

Perfect for Groups.

If your dealership or dealership group has multiple locations, you can turn on our Location Selection Tool. Your customer can select the inspection location of their choice.

With this selection, the ADF-XML Lead and email notification will be directed to the appropriate lead email address.

Plus, the drop off location will be listed on the Express Cash Offer Certificate.

Don't Need to Re-Invent the Wheel

Trade in or sell your vehicle to “Your Dealer” in just a few easy steps.

GET YOUR OFFER: Share a few vehicle details and we’ll extend a real, firm offer in 2 minutes. No haggling. No hassles.

TRADE IN OR SELL: Trade in your old vehicle for a new one, or sell it to YOUR DEALERSHIP. Either way, we’ll pick it up!

GET PAID: After a quick, on-site review of the vehicle, we’ll either cut you a check, or hand over the keys to your new ride!

Technology Assisted Selling.

Learn from the pros. See Shopper Express in action at one of the most successful dealerships in the country.

Express Cash Offer Certificate

Express Cash Offer will create a clear exception for customers when visiting your dealership showroom. A seamless process will allow you to deliver on the promises made and will create a happy customer with a high level of satisfaction.

The Express Cash Offer Certificate clearly shows the selected Star Value Condition with a concise description of the characteristics needed to qualify for the value.

Customizable disclosure explains the process so there are no surprises for the customer or the salesperson.

Everybody Likes the Check

Build value in the process by providing your customer with a real offer in the form of an Express Cash Offer Certificate. In the form of a check, this provides your customer a clear understanding of the value you are willing to pay for their vehicle. If a customer chose to upload photos, these photos enhance the entire process.

Providing full transparency into the process.

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