Discover how a Honda Dealer overcame digital challenges and revitalized its online presence with intice360°.

Our latest video delves into their journey from stagnant lead generation and SEO to remarkable growth in leads and customer engagement.

Learn about the strategic execution and innovative features of intice360° that transformed their digital strategy.

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intice360° at Brandon Honda: Redefining The Automotive Digital Strategy


Before adopting intice360°, Brandon Honda utilized a website from a nationally known provider since 2020, which promoted itself as an advanced automotive platform. Despite increasing marketing investments, the dealership faced a plateau in lead generation and challenges in growing organic traffic. Subsequent efforts with premium SEO services and external optimization companies failed to yield the desired increase in non-paid traffic and lead volumes.

The dealership’s website, as the hub of all digital activity, was not meeting its primary objective of stimulating customer engagement and lead submission. The drivers of traffic – both paid and organic – were not effectively converting into leads, necessitating a solution with better performance, accessibility, user interface, and user experience.


This case study is centered on the strategic implementation of intice360°, with an aim to validate our theories regarding its effectiveness in boosting overall website performance for car dealerships. Our exploration was focused on enhancing the existing business model with innovative approaches. Interestingly, during this process, we discovered certain areas where the current model could be optimized. Intice360° has successfully addressed these areas, offering a refined solution that not only corroborates our initial hypotheses but also significantly improves user experience, lead conversion, and website efficiency. This has been achieved without the need for multiple external widgets, showcasing the comprehensive and adaptable nature of intice360°.


Brandon Honda, located in Tampa, Florida, is a high-volume dealership ranked in the top 5% of Honda dealerships for volume and profitability. Part of the Morgan Auto Group, it is recognized for its performance in sales, service, customer retention, satisfaction, and profitability. Under the leadership of Sam Raabe, the dealership sought to enhance its digital presence, selecting intice360° for a complete website overhaul.

Intice360°, powered by WordPress which fuels 40% of the web, offers a state-of-the-art solution for car dealerships. Its use of WordPress, an evolving open-source platform, ensures continuous optimization and up-to-date technology. This top-tier website solution enhances SEO, usability, and adheres to best practices in the digital automotive market. It features a customizable inventory system, advanced lead conversion tools, and key pages enriched with high-quality visuals, including 360 exterior spins and interior panoramic views. Intice360° is a standout choice for dealerships seeking a cutting-edge, efficient web presence.


Implementation Process

The seamless 45-day implementation involved a staging URL for content review, ensuring proper inventory feed and pricing rules alignment. The process included rigorous testing using tools like Google Lighthouse, SEM Rush, and Screaming Frog to ensure top-tier performance and accessibility.


intice360° – A Holistic Solution

intice360° addresses the core areas of a dealership website: hardware, software, inventory integration, and lead generation technology. It marks a departure from the fragmented approach of combining website providers with widget providers, offering an integrated, all-in-one solution.

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Robust Hosting Environment: Dedicated resources including 16 GB RAM, 320 GB NVMe disk, and an 8-core processor for each dealership.
  • WordPress Platform: Reliable and scalable, capable of handling high traffic volumes.
  • Innovative Inventory System: Balanced between search results and vehicle display pages.
  • Integrated Lead Tools: Encompassing real payment integration, mobile optimization, advanced search and filter tools, and adaptive CTAs.
  • Vehicle Specials Features: Full-screen sliders, monthly specials with OEM approval, and optimized landing pages.
  • Vehicle Research Pages: Over 60 high-quality images per model, exterior spins, interior panoramas, and SEO-optimized content.

Training and Integration

Brandon Honda received comprehensive training, both live and virtual, through DigitalRetailer University, ensuring a smooth transition to the new CRM tool and lead generation technologies.

intice360° was tailored to Brandon Honda’s needs with minimal modifications. The focus was on enhancing the user interface and optimizing CTAs for better lead conversion. Post-launch, continuous real-time optimizations were made in pricing strategies and CTAs.


Quantitative Results

The implementation led to a significant increase in lead generation, with the first week showing a 127% increase in new internet leads and a 117.2% increase in used internet leads, outperforming other group dealerships. Subsequent weeks showed consistent growth in lead capture rates.

Qualitative Impact

Enhanced customer satisfaction and improved online visibility were notable. The transition from the SRP to the VDP view showed an improved user experience, leading to higher lead submission rates. Lead conversion technologies saw double to triple-digit increases.

“intice360° has been a game-changer for Brandon Honda. It’s not just a website; it’s a comprehensive digital ecosystem that has transformed how we connect with our customers. The seamless integration, enhanced performance, and robust lead generation capabilities have catapulted our dealership to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction. We’ve seen tangible improvements in every metric, from website traffic to sales conversion rates. This platform is not just about staying ahead in the digital race; it’s about setting new standards for excellence in the automotive industry.” – Sam Raabe, GM Brandon Honda


Success Analysis

A stark comparison in performance metrics pre and post-intice360° implementation underscored the need for change. The platform’s success is attributed to its comprehensive approach, addressing specific dealership challenges and offering an integrated, user-centric experience.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges like inventory display issues were swiftly addressed. The transition from one CRM tool to another was managed seamlessly, ensuring continuous lead generation.


Post-implementation, intice360° was rigorously tested for performance using SEMRush and Google Lighthouse, establishing benchmarks for before-and-after analysis. To ensure transparent and accountable measurement of traffic and engagement, the dealership was advised to maintain the same Google Analytics account. This approach enabled them to track measurable improvements in online traffic and digital marketing effectiveness. Additionally, the dealership benefited from immediate access to intice® support for any required changes. Most modifications were completed within 24 to 48 hours, and some even in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the efficiency and responsiveness of the support system.


intice360° at Brandon Honda exemplifies a successful integration of a comprehensive digital solution in a high-volume dealership setting. The platform’s ability to address specific challenges, provide a seamless user experience, and significantly improve performance metrics demonstrates its effectiveness as a transformative tool in the automotive retail industry. The future outlook for intice360° is promising, with plans to expand its applicability and certification across various OEM programs, solidifying its position as a full-circle solution for dealership websites.

This case study illustrates the depth and breadth of intice360°’s capabilities, showcasing its role in propelling Brandon Honda to new heights in digital retailing and customer engagement. The detailed analysis, backed by substantial data and testimonials, affirms intice360° as a game-changer in the automotive digital space.


Overall Benefits and Impact

intice360° has significantly improved performance in every measurable category of a dealership website. It is designed to adapt and evolve with the internet landscape, optimizing itself for current selling situations and market demands.

Future Plans for the Dealership and the Solution

Both intice® and Brandon Honda are committed to evolving the platform to enhance customer experience and sales outcomes. The goal is to make intice360° a certified solution across various OEM programs, providing a comprehensive, integrated digital solution for the automotive retail industry.

Technical Specifications

intice360° runs on a dedicated resource with advanced hardware specifications, enhanced security, and custom server configurations, supported by Cloudways managed hosting. This ensures blazing-fast performance, reduced downtime, and a robust server performance optimized for the demands of high-traffic dealership websites.