Turn your website into a Lead Conversion Machine.

Advanced Conversion Technology designed to convert low-funnel anonymous website visitors to high quality first party leads without duplication.

  • Advanced Browser Data Identification
  • I.P. Address Tracking
  • Location Services
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Page Level Restrictions

Discover how intice® can help your dealership increase Aappointment Set & Show Rates.

The intice® Email Marketing System works seamlessly and transparently with your dealership internet follow up process. intice® EMS tailors customized and personalized email messages at strategic times during lead conversions and showroom visit process.

  • Visa Reward Card Lead AutoResponder
  • Showroom Visit Verification: Visa Shipment Confirmation
  • One-Click Google Review Request
  • Trademaker: KBB Trade Value integration (+Auto Valuation Updates)
  • Dealmaker: Purchase Options integration
  • 60 Day Automated Email Marketing Drip Campaign - fully customizable.

Increase the closing ratio on your 3rd party leads by incentivizing the showroom visit.

Get more deals out of your leads by getting them into your showroom. Incentivize your customers for visiting your showroom with a Visa Reward Card. We supply your dealership with a special Lead Email Address, send your leads to the Leadmaker platform and your leads will automatically receive an email with your Visa Incentive Offer, they will also be entered into the intice® Email Marketing System for automated follow up.

Use your Premium Custom Visa for any reason and anybody.

You can send anybody a Customized Dealership Visa reward card to anybody for any reason and for any amount. Here are some great examples how you can use your Visa Reward Card.
  • Bird-Dog Referrals
  • Direct Mail Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Contests and other incentives