Next Gen – Digital Marketing
Search+Social+Display+Video. Data-Driven Marketing Technology. We connect the dots between advanced Digital Marketing Strategies and Lead Conversion to help dealers drive AWARENESS, RELEVANCE, and dominate their market. True Omni-Channel Digital Marketing combining 1st & 3rd Party Data to increase your reach.

Next Gen – Lead Conversion
VISA® Test Drive Offer System Test Drive Scheduler TradeValue-Express™ Instant KBB™ Book Values Express-CashOffer™ Automated Sell/Trade Offers CreditScore-Express™ Real FICO® Score Soft Pull Shopper-Express® Full Featured Digital Retailing plus iSuite Companion Site™ Immersive Shopping Experience + Website Chat

Data Driven Dynamic Content Creation
Massive amounts of Digital Content updated monthly, delivered via Search, Display, Social & Video – Driving Impressions, Clicks, Engagements, Leads, Visits and Ultimately Sales. Leverage your Dealership’s Branding, OEM Campaigns, Monthly Ad Specials plus Unique Selling Propositions and Experiential advertising messaging.

Everything We Offer in One Simple Package.
Partner with intice® for Search, Display, Social, Video, Email – fully connected digital marketing solutions with best-in-class lead conversion and digital retailing technologies
intice360° gives your dealership everything in one place at one easy to manage
package pricing.

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